Principal, Civil and Mechanical Engineering


An experienced collegiate-level engineering instructor, energy consultant, contractor and project manager. He is experienced in the design, permitting, construction and operation of alternative energy projects, including geothermal, wind, hydroelectric and solar. He has many years’ experience working with developers, owners, contractors, utilities, regulators, and employees to construct projects on time and within budget, and to operate them efficiently. Dawson is registered as both a mechanical and civil engineer in several states and has been a general engineering contractor as well. He is a co-inventor on more than nine wind-related patents with Jack Wallace, another of the Company’s principals. He has a BS in environmental engineering from Humboldt State University, and lifetime credentials for instructing engineering at California community colleges.  He has been a certified crane inspector for the California Department of Safety and Health, as well as an energy auditor for the California Energy Commission.  Mr. Dawson started working in wind in 1997 after many years of construction and operations of small hydro projects.


Principal, Mechanical Engineering


A registered mechanical engineer in Idaho and Oregon. He has experience in the development and permitting of renewable energy projects. He has written numerous papers regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency. He has created wind turbine power curves, prepared wind energy production and market price forecasts, analyzed wind farm acoustic energy emissions, and provided evaluations of both the technical and financial viability of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. He has also conducted energy efficiency audits of industrial facilities and residential structures, creating a database for tracking owner improvements. He has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from Northwest Nazarene University.


Principal Business Development


A veteran of wind operations and maintenance with more than 33 years of wind industry experience. He has held many positions in wind energy with the most recent being Business Development while also being the Director of Composites and Innovation for Frontier Pro Services. Jack has taught wind energy-related training for college programs in the United States and South Korea.  He is listed as a co-inventor on more than nine wind energy related patents related to composites and blade design. Jack also is an internationally known authority on wind power, contributing to the international wind community more than 25 articles related to operations and maintenance with subjects ranging from high voltage to blade services. He attended Universal Technical Institute for A/C, Heating, Solar Energy, and U.S.A.R, Teletypewriter Repair and is self-taught with many related technical skills.


Composites Manager Blade Repair


An expert in composite repairs with over 13 year’s  of blade repair experience.  His experience with many different manufactures includes: modifying production procedures during manufacture, repairing defective blade roots, creating molds, and performing field repairs in the air and on the ground.  He has experience working in all weather conditions, and with blades from every type of turbine in North America.  He has repaired nacelles, nosecones, and all types of damage on turbine blades, such as shipping damage, lightning strikes, leading edge repairs, blade tip skin replacement, He has installed vortex generators and lightning diverter in the field. In addition he has assisted with Dynamic blade balancing.  From a working manager to managing multiple repair crews, he is able to direct teams in both Spanish and English.  Salvador is the field representative for Renewable Performance Engineering when composite work is performed.


Field Services


Jake Dawson is a field service rep for RPE, he performs leading edge blade repairs, tower paint repairs and whatever else that needs done.  He brings over 20 years experience as a Equipment Technician with maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting and repair of equipment used in the aerospace and defense sectors of electronics contract manufacturing.  Jake has a Associates degree in Electronics Engineering from ITT Tech, Boise Idaho.

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